“Pupils demonstrate good manners and respect in and around the school.” – Recent report.

In case of any emergency, please phone 00447712272857.

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Bespoke education

Bespoke: (adj) specially made for a particular person: made to order; commissioned; customised; tailored to fit.

Einstein   Confucius   Galileo   Curie

We call it a bespoke education, because like a really good suit or dress, it is perfectly tailored to fit the wearer. Just as people come in different shapes and sizes, so students all have different strengths and needs.


Rather than try to make the individual fit the school, we adapt our programme to the person. After a detailed initial needs analysis, our continual  differentiated mentoring means that we are able to deliver help and support quickly and effectively, as required. The aim of the school is to make sure its students develop the intellectual and social behaviour that will allow them to lead a fulfilling life both on the personal and career front.


Newbury Hall students are then equipped to flourish academically, socially and emotionally in ways that can be encapsulated in three key words:


Approaching life and learning with energy and enthusiasm; being intellectually curious to find out more; and displaying eloquence, zest and vitality.


Having goals and working to achieve them; overcoming obstacles; meeting challenges and maintaining focus; demonstrating resilience, discipline and self-control.


Believing we can all improve & learn at every stage of life; taking pride in our growing competence; remaining optimistic, open-minded & showing genuine appreciation for our opportunities & the support of those around us.

For additional information, please visit www.newburyhall.com

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