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Everything good? Problems? Talk to us.

If you have any problems about anything at all, you can talk to any member of staff anytime. And remember you can tell us if you are worried about a friend, too. We like to listen, and we like to help. If you don’t want to talk face to face, you can email the principal, He is the designated safeguarding lead (DSL), which means he is responsible for your safety and wellbeing (but all staff are, too!).

If you want to talk to someone outside the school, our independent listener is Ellen Launchbury. Email: Telephone: 07988719400. You can contact Ellen anytime to discuss anything. Ellen also comes to school once a month.

You can call the NSPCC’s Childline to talk about any problems: 0800 1111 or find help and advice on their website:

You can contact the Children’s Commissioner about any questions you have or anything that’s troubling you – no issue is too big or too small. Telephone: 0800 528 0731



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