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“Leaders demonstrate passion for the mission of the school. They are committed to ensuring that the pupils, who come from many different countries, develop the English language skills, confidence, enquiry and challenge to become effective learners and successful adults.”“The most able pupils and those with good language skills … benefit from the excellent subject knowledge and personalised support offered by teachers.” – Recent government report.

We select our staff based on their ability to engage and inspire our students. We care profoundly about the work we do, the students we look after, and their success in life, and so we want our staff and students to form meaningful, purposeful relationships.

It is important that our staff are friendly, helpful, and caring.

All staff undergo thorough recruitment and induction checks and training in safeguarding children, both before beginning employment and regularly in line with guidance issued by the Department for Education.

Safeguarding Statement – Newbury Hall

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Jon Crocker:

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Alex McNish: Academic & SMSC Lead

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Ben Crompton: Operations Lead

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David Haines: Office Manager & Exams

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David Newby:
Maths &

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Paul Dicks: Academic Literacy, Exam Skills, Russian

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Gary Audas:
Academic Literacy,

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Cara Randall: Academic Literacy, IELTS, PSHE & IGCSE Subjects

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