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“Pupils have opportunities to experience a broad range of extra-curricular activities, some of which are organised in response to requests from pupils. Pupils speak very positively about the number of sporting clubs and activities in which they participate.” – Recent government report.

We use the term PLACES to include all the different activities, events and experiences that we offer our students in addition to the academic curriculum. They may be weekly, termly, annual, etc; they may be offered regularly or organised at students’ requests; they may take place in school or with other organisations. We aim to suit every individual.

PLACES is an integral part of Newbury Hall life and is a means of developing knowledge, positive attitudes, sportsmanship and effective social skills. A key purpose is to enhance and extend student learning and social experience beyond the school’s academic courses. There are a range of after-school clubs available depending on interest, which may include photography, cookery, gardening, languages, fashion, ceramics, etc. Sports include football, basketball, badminton, table-tennis, swimming, gym, cricket and keep-fit. All students have membership provided at a local fitness centre.

PLACES is enjoyable and has a number of other benefits, including:

  • Learning time management

  • Getting involved in diverse interests

  • Learning about commitments

  • Making a contribution to the school

  • Raising self-esteem

  • Building social skills

  • Enhancing cultural awareness

  • Contributing to students’ independence

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