Please note that students’ names have been removed as part of child protection.

This is what some of our students have said about us:

M… from France:

“I think the food here is very tasty, but be careful not to eat too much. I find it to be a good school because teachers try to do everything to help.”

T… from France:

“The food and the activities were very good. If you want to pass your FCE (First Certificate in English) the course is very intensive but you make a lot of progress.”

A… from Italy:

“Newbury Hall School is a school where you can feel well, you are always helped by everyone if you need it and you can learn a lot having fun and meeting new people from many different nationalities.”

A… from China:

“OMG – I shouldn’t leave the school!!! Miss you all so much and thank you for being the best memory of my life.”

D… from Russia

“I have my two favourite teachers in this school. I like them because they explain everything very properly, if you can’t understand something , they’ll help you every time. They’re more than just teachers, they care about the welfare of the students.”

Feedback received from an agent:

“I spoke to M yesterday evening and she was really happy with her experience. She told me the teachers were amazing, readily available and very good. She also enjoyed the school and the whole programme… She is very satisfied with her exam…”

An email received recently from a short-stay IELTS student from Romania:

“How are you? I’m extremely good now. But what I really want to tell you about is my IELTS results (which you probably know but I’m not sure). I got 8!! You remember me expecting 7 or 7.5, right? I am very happy about it, as you can imagine. I have 7 in writing (I could have done it better, though), 7.5 in speaking (I had to talk about fashion which is not among my favourite subjects), and 8.5 in reading and listening!!”

Y…, an A-level student from the Ukraine:

“I call Newbury Hall my ‘lucky key’. I want to say thank you to all the teachers who helped me and especially to Mr McNish. I am so happy to have such a good school in my life.”

E…, a short-stay student from Russia:

“I enjoyed the single-room, en-suite accommodation and will always remember my amazing experience at Newbury Hall. My English skills really improved.”

P… from Russia. Having taken GCSE exams with us, she decided to stay to study two more years for A-levels in mathematics, psychology, and art. Next year she is studying philosophy AS-level as an additional subject purely for personal interest!

“I really enjoy living and studying at Newbury Hall. Firstly, living far away from home and my family in a different country with a foreign language helps me to become more mature and independent. I have learned how to make decisions, to take fuller responsibility for my decisions and actions, and to manage my time. Teachers and other staff help me to improve these skills, support me in difficult situations and give me valuable and useful advice. So at Newbury Hall I know that I can always expect support, help and understanding, even if I have only small problems.

Here I have also improved my communication skills and self-confidence. During the first weeks in the UK I was quite shy and afraid of communicating in English, as I was thinking that my English was quite bad; but then I found that teachers and staff are very friendly and positive, they encouraged me to talk about interesting topics reinforcing the right structures of speech and words. When I made mistakes they advised me how to correct them and how to improve my language. This has motivated me to speak more as I gain approval in such a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Another aspect that I really like is the teaching. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. Even subjects that I didn’t like in Russia have become more interesting here. There is no stressful atmosphere in class and I can always ask a teacher to explain something or give extra information. Here, the teachers are interested in our success and improvements, so learning has become interesting. Another big advantage is the small groups of 3-5 students in class, or even just one in some subjects. This helps me to study better as the teacher can work with me personally through some difficult aspects.

During the time that I have been studying in Newbury Hall School I have learned a lot of new things, changed myself and developed my point of view about many topics. I have found that I need to understand subjects deeply, to find cause and effect and connections between pieces of information. In Russia I used to just learn theory by heart and it was very boring, but here I understand that subjects can be interesting as teachers provide us with various methods and ways to improve our understanding and motivation. Now I do a lot of studying by myself and I have become more achievement-orientated and interested in my subjects because of the experience that I am having in this school. At the moment I am really trying to improve my critical and creative thinking to become more open-minded.”

An email received from a Basque student who visited us for four consecutive years to study general English, academic English and intensive IELTS:

I have received my IELTS result, finally!!! I was getting quite worried ahahahha because it isn’t as good as N…’s and G…’s, but still I think the overall band score is good – 7. I am sending a scan of my certificate. I am so proud!!! I am very happy with my reading mark, because I have to admit that it has never been one of my strengths. I think the 8.0 is the fruit of the great amount of reading tests we did in class and those academic reading exercises you made us do at 9 o’clock every morning 😉

I really hope you had some wonderful summer holidays and thank you for everything, for all the advice, for the understanding you have got with each of us, for cheering us up after our low scores in some practice tests… You have been very inspirational people for me and great teachers (it is not only my opinion, we all think that). I was very glad to see you all again in my last summer in Newbury Hall. Thank you again!!!”

An email received from an A-level student from Korea:

“My mind will never, ever be free without art 🙂 I hope you have a great summer and thank you for having been my last art teacher; you are the nicest and the kindest-minded art teacher I have ever had.”

An email received from a Chinese student who took A-levels with us:

“How are you? I am T… do you still remember me??? I miss you so much!! I have important news that I really want to share with you!!!! Now I am at Birmingham City University and studying ILLUSTRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s my first year at this university and everything is new for me and gives me lots of fun!! I love this course!!!!! Every time I go around in our study area I am thinking OH MY GOD how lucky I am! I can study this playful thing!!!!

I still remember the time when I left Newbury Hall. I was very upset at that moment because I was not sure what to study in the future and what kind of job I wanted to get!!! But now I think I have got the right answer!!! I remember you told me I could think about studying art but I thought it was too late for me, so I went to study media at Royal Holloway University in London. But after one year, I felt that wasn’t what I really want to do in the future. Then I totally changed my mind!!!! I just needed to go straight to what I really like to do!! Hope you will be happy with my final choice of my study – illustration. Now I am doing my second project called Another World. I miss you!!!”