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The OISE brand, which includes Newbury Hall School, has undertaken a corporate social responsibility initiative with an NGO in Cambodia. This initiative takes place within the frame of the Global Business Coalition for Education, an action-oriented organisation supported by UNESCO, UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and the UN Special Envoy for Global Education.

As such, we sponsor a school for girls, near Phnom Penh, called Happy Chandara, which gets most of its funds through a French association called Toutes à l’école, created from scratch 10 years ago by Tina Kieffer (French prior TV journalist and ex-editor in chief of Marie Claire magazine).

The teaching approach at Happy Chandara is not only to enable the girls to know how to read and count, but also to equip them with the best possible education and allow them to go as far as possible in their professional career.

In 2016, we welcomed fourteen of Happy Chandara’s best English students for a 2-week programme in Newbury (see video above).

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