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“Pupils feel safe both in the school and the boarding provision. They are confident that there is someone they can tell if they are worried about anything…” – Recent government report.

Rules and Values

The safety and comfort of the students in any boarding house depends on the observance of certain rules. These rules are few in number, but are observed strictly because they are necessary to the smooth running of the boarding community. The culture of Newbury Hall School is one of cooperation, courtesy, and respect. We do our best to help our students to develop these essential life skills and utilise them as quickly as possible. The rules are available to the parents of prospective students upon request.

Support and Security

A member of staff is always available to the students if they have any difficulties, or if they simply want to sit and chat. Staff live on the premises and can be reached at any time of night. The security of the premises is assured by the issue of electronic key cards which open only the appropriate common doors in the residence, and the student’s own room. Additional security features include a two-metre boundary fence, live CCTV system, and alarms on the external and internal doors of the residence.

Our facilities

  • Up-to-date single ensuite study bedrooms offer privacy and comfort

  • High-speed broadband helps students keep in touch with their families and the world

  • Weekly laundry service for bed linen and uniform

  • Key cards, CCTV and door alarms provide security

  • Boarding staff sleep on the premises

  • The first few hours and days

On arrival, every student is greeted by a Houseparent and shown to his or her room. They are then left in peace for a short time to arrange their things and to settle in. The first week is devoted to staff and students getting to know each other and working out the details of the student’s study plans. During this time we seek to discover the student’s interests and talents so that we can help them to construct for themselves a programme of extra-curricular interests and activities.

Student Health

There are several trained first-aiders on the staff and the students are able to access domestic medicines such as paracetamol and throat sweets when needed. All students are registered at the local health centre and can receive an appointment for any more serious symptoms within a day or two. Newbury Hall School’s student insurance covers all emergency treatment, accidents, and third-party liability. Full private health insurance, if required, must be taken out by the family in the country of origin. Regrettably Newbury Hall School is not able to offer advice on insurance, under the terms of the Financial Services Act.

Our Residence

Our boarding programme is run on modern and student-friendly principles for the safety and happiness of the students. The boarding experience is fundamental to the student’s overall acculturation and ultimate academic success. We are intensely aware of the possibility of loneliness and homesickness in children who are far from their homes and families, and all our efforts are directed to helping the students to settle in and form part of a cooperative, creative learning community.

Fitting in

Throughout the student’s stay members of staff will be available to discuss their concerns and any worries, needs, or problems that they have, and to find solutions. The size of the school means that every student will get to know every member of staff and every other student in a very short time. This helps to build a sense of identity and a feeling of belonging, which in turn helps to foster confidence and self-esteem. After lessons finish, the student’s academic needs continue to be supported by a small team of teaching assistants who are on hand to advise with homework.

There is obligatory homework time every evening and students are encouraged to continue homework or extra study in the privacy of their rooms or in our purpose built study library. At stipulated times, students may sign out to go into Newbury to relax or go shopping.

We can also offer lodgings accommodation in June, July and August (subject to availability).

For more details, please see page 7 of our brochure.

New Courses

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