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The pupils who really benefit from Newbury Hall are:

  • Those with clear ambitions but who have lacked the confidence or chances to successfully reach them; they may have been held back elsewhere by an impersonal syllabus

  • Those who are yet to be inspired by a direction towards either educational subjects or career skills options

  • For those already animated by clear aspirations, we remove obstacles and open doors; for those still hesitant, we provide guidance and explore possibilities until skill and potential emerge. We help individuals identify areas in which their effort may be most rewarded and thus our pupils develop a confidence that grows from simply knowing what is possible and pursuing what is best.

Newbury Hall education is defined by the open-mindedness of all those involved in supporting our pupils:

  • No hierarchy of ambitions

  • Every pupil’s choices are valued

  • A palette of options to allow informed decisions

  • Respect of each pupil’s plans and aims: no judgement

  • Bespoke learning plans based on achieving the desired objective

Our ethos of Gusto, Grit & Growth makes Newbury Hall life personal, purposeful and productive for pupils and staff alike:

  • Gusto is the enthusiasm we fuel by making a pupil’s learning personally relevant

  • Grit is the courage to achieve born of a purposeful education

  • Growth comes from time spent productively in a supportive, stimulating and challenging environment

Our pupils develop a confidence founded on genuine improvements in their knowledge and skills, and in increasingly proficient English. The English language is the preferred medium of study in the 21st century, so developing fluent language communication skills removes a major barrier to success. Even from lower levels of fluency, lessons are informed by the pupil’s ultimate ambitions. Explicit language-learning focuses on vocabulary as the key predictor of proficiency but is largely incidental to the intellectual, ethical and existential content of our programmes with their focus on academic literacy.

  • Pupils come from different parts of the world and this brings exposure to a wide range of cultures, mindsets and experiences. We aim to help pupils feel confident in both themselves and with other people, and to enjoy the challenge of meeting others and learning from them.

  • In all cases, we ensure that each pupil benefits from our provision

  • A welcoming, safe and supportive home-from-home environment

  • Micro-classes of 1 to 8 pupils and one-to-one tutorials on request

  • An academic philosophy that lets teachers’ passion and expertise inspire pupils

  • British values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

  • Experiences of worth in a rich extra-curricular programme of social, cultural and sporting opportunities

  • Dedicated support to help pupils enter the next stage in a UK education

  • A school culture that says ‘anything is possible’

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