Our Philosophy

School Aims & Ethos

The aim of the school is to make sure its students develop the intellectual and social behaviour and attitudes that will allow them to lead a fulfilling life both on the personal and professional front. Our students are equipped to flourish academically, socially and emotionally in ways that can be encapsulated in three key words:

Gusto: Approaching life and learning with energy and enthusiasm; being intellectually curious to find out more; and displaying eloquence, zest and vitality.

Grit: Having goals and working to achieve them; overcoming obstacles; meeting challenges and maintaining focus; demonstrating resilience, discipline and self-control.

Growth: Believing we can all improve & learn at every stage of life; taking pride in our growing competence; remaining optimistic, open-minded & showing genuine appreciation for our opportunities & the support of those around us.

Newbury Hall delivers a ‘trajectory education’, a unique approach that focuses on the pupil’s ultimate goal.

The aim of the programme is to help potentially high-achieving pupils to forge their own learning practices in harmony with their personality. As a pupil, you learn to think for yourself, to decide for yourself and to plan for yourself.

The pupils who really benefit from Newbury Hall’s trajectory education:

1 Those who have a clear career ambition, but are not confident about their chances of successfully reaching their goal. They have usually been held back by a misguided syllabus.

2 Those who are yet to be inspired by a direction of study, be it identifying a subject of interest or a skill that might lead to a career option.

The trajectory education is defined by the open-mindedness of all those involved in supporting the pupils:

  • no hierarchy of ambitions
  • respect of the pupil’s plans and aims: no judgement
  • every pupil’s choice is valued
  • a bespoke learning plan based on achieving the desired objective
  • a palette of options to allow an informed decision

The English language is the preferred medium of study in the 21st century, so developing confident and fluent language communication skills removes a major barrier to success. Even from the lower level of fluency, the lessons are informed by the pupil’s ultimate aims.

On a fast track IGCSE programme, in one 6-month semester conscientious students can study intensively for key exams, avoiding a two-year course: Start in January for June exams, or start in May for November exams.

The purpose-built residence offers a number of safe, clean, comfortable single bedrooms with a private shower, W.C., broadband and study area.

All meals are served in The Forum and cooked in-house by a professional team working with top-quality, fresh ingredients to deliver a well-balanced and varied menu of international dishes. A choice of continental and cooked breakfast is available each day, as well as a hot lunch and dinner seven days a week. In addition, a late-night snack is always available and fresh fruit and beverages are accessible throughout the day.

Activities include: Astronomy, Badminton, Beekeeping, Crafts, Gardening, Football, Gym, Pyrography, Swimming, Table Tennis & Yoga.