“How to Build a Boat”

What book would you take if you were going to be stranded on a Desert Island?

A literary ‘classic’, perhaps? A childhood memory?

Which sort of books do you enjoy reading (and there’s no right or wrong answer here, although ‘I don’t like reading’ would be very sad)?

This Thursday in Newbury Hall, we are celebrating World Book Day and both staff and students will be encouraged to celebrate in a variety of ways. All lessons will be based around books, for example and we will all enjoy an extended D.E.A.R. session that you are very welcome to join at 13.25 – 13.55 UK time.

In addition, there will be readings and opportunities to raise money for charity by dressing up as a favourite literary character and via our secondhand book sale

So, back to the Desert Island….which book are you going to save as the ship goes down?

World Book Day

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