We’ve made it! After a long drawn out process, we now function at two separate sites. The main school is called St Nics and our new building is called The Litten. Together they form Newbury Hall School.

The Litten is only a stone’s throw away and when I say new, I mean new to us. It was actually built in the 1800’s and the chapel section may even be as early as sixteenth century, so plenty of history surrounds both premises.

Today is the first day that we are operating from there as a school and all of our students will spend time between the two sites from now on.

Across the three floors of The Litten we will have Art & Design, Humanities and English & Languages. Then at St Nics we will continue to run Science, Maths and Accounting.

The picture below is a painting of The Litten dated between 1825 and 1845. Please click on it to watch a short, slightly tongue in cheek, but well-meaning video I put together on my iPhone.


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