Predict your future by creating it

Today we are welcoming our students back to the Spring term here at Newbury Hall.

As well as a new term it is also a new year and this, like birthdays, often causes people to stop and think about their lives. Some people will make resolutions such as ‘ do more exercise’, or ‘stop smoking’, for example and others might reflect on what they have achieved (or not).

Do you have goals for 2014 and beyond? They don’t have to be world-changing ambitions, they can just be small, personal targets that would mean a great deal to you.

Imagine that future and how you will get there. Now consider what you can to make this happen and what support you will need from others. Finally, click on the image below and sign up for free at Futureme. Send your future self a letter stating your goals and your plans and then get started – good luck and Happy New Year!


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