I am asked on an ever-increasing basis whether or not we should be allowing students to bring technology into the classroom.

My answer is yes. We are doing them a disservice if we don’t in my opinion.

‘But won’t they sit there playing on the phone instead of listening?’

Sometimes perhaps, like when you allow them a pencil and they doodle pictures on a piece of paper.

‘They are there to learn. There is plenty of time for playing on their gadgets.’

They will learn if they are engaged and so might we.

‘Using tablets, etc are just excuses for lazy teaching and will soon lose their appeal.’

Our students have grown up with technology. It is as natural to them as TV or the phone is to me. Their future will require knowledge of how to use and how to make use of technology. To deny this, is to disadvantage them in the future workplace.

Click on the image below to see how students can use technology in an enjoyable, yet useful way. How do you feel about students bringing their own technology into the class?


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