Are you having a good day?

The test of character is when things are not going so well, isn’t it? How someone manages to deal with setbacks and obstacles can tell you so much about them.

When things are difficult that is the time to have a sense of perspective, keep calm and have a plan.

When he wasn’t making exceedingly good cakes, Rudyard Kipling composed a famous poem which you can read here. Written in Victorian times from a male perspective and clear Victorian values, it is about coming of age and part of that process is learning how to deal with life’s challenges. It is important to remember it comes from a different era, so as you read it try to consider which points are still valid today. Which pieces of his advice do you particularly like?

By clicking on the image below you can also listen to a version that uses a smash cut technique in the video. After reading and listening to the poem, are there any points that you feel are no longer relevant in modern times?

Newbury Narrow boat on canal

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