Never forget

Last Friday we met together in the school to celebrate individual successes. It was all about Newbury Hall and enjoying the present. It was a positive experience and one that I can see becoming a regular event.

Today we met as a school to reflect on the past and commemorate those who have died fighting for their countries, their families and our freedom.

Major  and Mrs Carrell both spoke from first hand experience about what Remembrance Day is about, what life is like for a modern-day member of the Armed Forces and also what it is like to be the family left at home.

Alisa read ‘In Flanders Fields’, this was followed by Polina reading a piece from Mrs Carrell’s daughter, Scarlett and the ‘The Kohima Prayer‘ was recited by Yana.

The two-minute silence was respectfully observed and then Major Carrell took a Q&A session with the students.

Please click on the image below to learn more about the Royal British Legion.

Never forget

4 thoughts on “Never forget

  1. I was so very proud of so many of our students today. Alisa brought a lump to me throat. Being able not only to read, but recite, word perfectly In Flanders Fields, is a moment I will never forget. I am very proud, this year, of the young adults they are becoming.

  2. So brilliant to see young people from nations across the world coming together to remember those millions who died.

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